One With Nature: the 6th Integral Yoga European Reunion 2017
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15:00  Arrivals, check in, touring the area and/or resting
17:00-18:00 Dinner
18:30 Opening Ceremony


6:00 Meditation
6:30 Morning practise, two options:

  1. Heike Amma Farkas (DE): Hatha Multilevel
    Heike will lead us to an inspiring Integral Yoga Hatha Class to wake up to a beautiful day!
  2. Reverend Sam Rudra Swartz (US): Accesible Integral Yoga
    Reverend Rudra explores an Integral Yoga Level I class employing concepts and techniques to make the practice accessible for any and every BODY.

8:00 Breakfast

10:00 Midday Keynote by Swami Ramananda (US) & Swami Karunananda (US)

12:00-13.00 Lunch
12:00-12:30 Meditation

14:00-14.50 Nalanie Chellaram (GI): ”Living with Inspiration”

15:00 -17.00 Workshops, three options:

  1. Bhavana (UK): Deepen the Connection to Your Voice
    So many of us believe we cannot sing, or feel we have been silenced, and so lose the connection to our most powerful tool of expression and healing we have… Our Voice.
    Voicework offers an experience of your voice, your unique expression, using mantras and sounding, in a way that will both support and expand you. This helps to surface the patterns and habits that emerge when we seek to express ourselves authentically. Using our voice in this way can connect us to some of our deepest core feelings and emotions, which can be a powerful tool for transformation and self discovery.
  2. Paula Prasanna Kiuru (FI): Yoga Groove – This Is It, the Natural High
    A dynamic, fun and relaxed yoga workshop infusing music and asanas together. You don’t have to have any prior experience nor is it an aerobics class but joy in movement at your own pace. Music such as ethnic electronica, ambient or brazilian groove leads your way. YogaGroove is all about spontaneity in yoga, fun and easy mindset without any expectations or competition. This is a yoga class that can spark creativity and deeply open your heart. This practise is not recomended during pregnancy.
  3. Usha Piscini (IT): Attributes of Divine Mother Nature
    Human beings fear Nature because of her tremendous power. They revere Nature for her benevolent aspects. On the Yogic path we shall explore together both sides and try to find ways to come into unity with Mother Nature.

17:00 Dinner

19:00 Chanting Outdoors by the Campfire with Rasmi & Detlef (DE)

FRIDAY 11.8.

6:00 Meditation
6:30 Morning practise, two options:

  1. Paola Parvathi Faini (IT): Hatha “Chakra Flow – A Deep Connection with the Nature within” Feel the connection with the nature as an Experience from Chakra to Chakra, in a beautiful flowing practise.
  2. Tiina Shanti Syrjä (FI): Integral Yoga Hatha Basic Level in Finnish
    Suomeksi ohjattu Integral Yoga Hatha -harjoitus.

8:00 Breakfast

10:00 Midday Keynote by Swami Karunananda (US) & Nalanie Chellaram (GI)

12:00-13.00 Lunch
12:00-12:30 Meditation

14:00-14:50 Dr Erkki Lähde (FI): ”More Interaction than Competition In Nature”
Dr Erkki Lähde tells us about his research in Silviculture, indicating that the Continuous Cover Forestry (CCF) methods are more productive, economical and profitable than those prevailing practice has used. In addition, they care best for both biodiversity and so-called forest ecosystem services (e.g. taking care of human health) of forests.

15.00-17.00 Workshops, two options:

  1. Heike Amma Farkas (DE): Partner Yoga
    Heike ”High Key” will lead us to a partner yoga that is a fun and deep, dynamic experience. Partner Yoga is simply wonderful, a deeply touching and literally „moving“ experience. With ease you reach a depth and duration in your practice that you simply can not find on your own. It is fun, it is nurturing, and supporting. We will do asanas in pairs – does not have to be with your life partner.
  2. Alessandra Uma Cocchi (IT): Yoga as a Therapeutic Way
    Health is the result of a balance between the inside and the outside, both at the micro and macro level. Reaching this balance means to re-connect with Nature. So Health can be seen as perfect connection with Nature. What happens physiologically when we practice an Integral Yoga class? We restore that balance…

17:00 Dinner

18.30-19.30 Sari Sharmini Penttilä (FI): Yoga In Nature

19:00 – 20.30 & 21.30 – 22.30 Sauna by the Lake


6:00 Meditation
6:30 Morning practise, two options:

  1. Rowan Cobelli (UK): Hatha Yoga Multilevel – The Wisdom of No Effort
    Through exploration and the guidance of inspirational teachers Rowan is sharing a variety of angles from which to approach Yoga. Integrating yoga philosophy as a way of moving; the pace, tempo and quality of attention create the environment for the student’s own depth and inner well-being to be experienced.
  2. Reverend Sam Rudra Swartz (US): Kidding Around Yoga – for everyone!
    No kidding! You are bound to enjoy this class despite your age in years, so welcome kids and grown-ups! Rudra, earned his certification to ”kid around,” as a Children’s Yoga Teacher from Kidding Around Yoga in 2012. He also serves as a Counselor and Assistant Director of Camp Yogaville, at Satchidananda Ashram Virginia’s summer camp, where he was bestowed with the loving nickname, “The Sarge”, for showing an ability to discipline the children in a loving way. He continues to serve there annually, as well as participate in the Kidding Around Yoga Camp in Ellenton, FL in the same capacity.

8:00 Breakfast

10:00 Midday Keynote and Puja by Swami Karunananda (US) and Swami Ramananda (US)

12:00 Lunch
12:00-12:30 Meditation

14:00 Gong Relaxation: Let the Sacred Sound Vibration of Gong and Bowls lead you to cleanse away tensions from body and mind!

15:00 -17.00 Workshops, two options:

  1. Paola Parvathi Faini (IT): Moving Body and Mind in Harmony with Nature
    We are an integrated part of Nature and its Elements, we are a reflection of the perfection of Nature. Moving with the current of Nature can guarantee us an healthy body and a balanced mind. Listening to the Nature can give us important messages. In this workshop we will explore, through the wise principles of ancient traditions, such as Yoga, Ayurveda, Chinese Traditional Medicine and of course the repetitive rhythm of Nature, how we can move and take care of our body during different seasons, how we can deal with our emotional mind in a balanced way and be part of the Natural Flow. We will spend a time of observation and practise together indoors and, if weather permits, outdoors.
  2. Lucy Lukshmi Cannon (PT): Having Fun With Sun Salutations
    We will explore the Sun Salutation with music, breath and playing with many variations. There are many asanas that can be linked into our sun salutation practice to make it a more dynamic practice. We will play with; basing a full class around the Sun Salutation, how to do it in a chair or against the wall and come up with our own choreography within the sequence.

17:00 Dinner

19:00 Satsang by Swami Karunananda (US) and Swami Ramananda (US)

Kirtan with Bhavana (UK/ES)
Take a journey through sound and mantra, Bhavana’s kirtans, like their own voices and music, are dynamic and colourful, serving up a full range of chants,  easy to follow and join in, for a powerful experience that takes you to the essential stillness inside.
Kirtan is chanting or singing, a form of yoga for the voice done in a group accompanied by music. It requires no background or training, and is easily learnt. Repeating Sanskrit mantras creates a meditative and uplifted mental state, and helps to melt inhibitions that can suppress your voice and expression. You add your voice to those around you, creating a sense of harmony. Some people feel a sense of calm, others a sense of elation- it’s a great way to unblock emotions and a sense of being stuck. The words and melodies are simple and repeated so that you can get into a rhythm and enter a more meditative state conducive to letting go. Bhavana’s kirtans are unique throughout the world for their dynamism, creative use of the ancient mantras, range of sounds, and ability to access so many routes to the calm place within.

SUNDAY 13.8.

6:00 Meditation
6:30 Morning practise, two options:

  1. Lucy Luckshmi Cannon: IY Hatha Multilevel
    Luckshmi will lead us to an inspiring Integral Yoga Hatha Class to wake up to a beautiful day!
  2. Rowan Cobelli: IY Hatha Multilevel – Meeting the Game of Resistance
    Using anatomical orientation as a base, Rowan opens a door to the subtle, where our relationship to practice takes a whole new direction and experience. You will be invited to find a quality of movement that contains reverence, a willingness to look, and a freshness to explore from the familiar to the unknown.

8:00 Breakfast

10:00 Midday Keynote by Swami Karunananda (US) and Swami Ramananda (US)

12:00 Lunch
13:00- 14:00 ”Closing The Circle”
14.30 Leaving Kisakeskus